We had 20 people enjoying some holiday fellowship in our newly remodeled kitchen–and the children love to do their homework or do puzzles on the new island, so this kitchen has become the center of our life.

After planning for about seven years, we knew what we wanted. When we decided to talk to contractors and get bids, Tim Lemke’s name came up from several people. We got two bids that were almost identical, but we were sold on Tim because he gave us a good feeling. He listened to us and did not try to change what we wanted. We had heard he had a good reputation!

We bumped out the house eight feet on the north side, requiring a new foundation. This allowed for more windows and easy access to the deck area. The kitchen was the original, built 35 years ago, and we wanted to open it up. We added lighter cabinets and an oak floor. They also remodeled the master bath above the kitchen as well as the family room that adjoined the kitchen.

The entire project came in on time, on budget in exactly three months. Also important, because we were doing some of the painting and staining ourselves, Tim’s advance timeline let us know when we could do it.

No surprises! How often do you hear that about a remodeling job?”