Tips for a Great Dog-Friendly Home Renovation

Tips for a Great Dog-Friendly Home Renovation

The Humane Society of the United States estimates that 47% of all American households are home to at least one dog totaling over 83 million domesticated dogs total. That’s a lot of dogs!

While Fido can be man’s best friend, he can also wreak havoc on a home’s interior. Scratched wood flooring, mud-stained walls, and truckloads of hair are a reality in the home of any dog owner. Pet lovers will all agree that these damages are a small price to pay for the joys that come with owning a dog. For those pet owners thinking about a home remodel, why not include elements that reduce these damages and make your home friendlier for your furry friend?

Consider these tips to make your upcoming home renovation project as pet-friendly as possible:Pet-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas

Flooring: Choose an easy to clean, non-porous surface. Concrete, tile, and hardwood floors work well. Avoid softer wood flooring as a pet’s claws and nails easily scratch them.

Feeding Area: Avoid tripping over food and water bowls by creating a special feeding area. Consider designing a built-in concealed tray or place under a counter specifically for your dog’s bowls.

Mud Rooms: Build a space where you can clean your dog after a walk or playing outside. A mud room will help prevent dirt from being tracked further into the house and act as a good storage spot for leashes, toys, and other accessories.

Cabinets: Include a large cabinet in your kitchen remodel where food and treats can be stored and easily accessed.

Walls: Frame a pet door into an outdoor wall or door to give your pooch the freedom to roam. Even better, the newest pet doors can be designed so that they are hardly noticeable.

Before remodeling a home, it’s important to consider the needs of EVERY member of the family. Contact the home remodeling contractors at Tim Lemke Construction to discover more pet-friendly home renovation ideas today!