Which Home Siding Is Right For You?

Which Home Siding Is Right For You?

Take a moment to think about the different homes in your neighborhood and it’s likely that two or three houses will immediately come to mind. Every neighborhood has those homes that just seem to stand out from the rest. While it could be the finely manicured lawn or newly sealed driveway, the most likely reason for this is their choice of home siding.

A distinct home siding will add character and charm to any house while also shielding it from the elements. But with hundreds of styles and manufacturers to choose from, it can be hard for the everyday homeowner to know which is best for their property. Luckily, we here at Tim Lemke Construction are happy to give you a quick overview to help you decide which siding is right for you!

Wood: Wood siding provides a unique aesthetic beauty and durability to a home’s exterior. Wood acts as an excellent sound barrier and is a natural insulator to keep your home warm in the winter and quiet all year round.

James Hardie: America’s most popular siding, James Hardie fiber cement siding is made to last. The siding is rot and pest resistant and its color will not fade for decades. James Hardie siding is a smart and lasting investment for any homeowner.

Vinyl: Vinyl siding is weather resistant and is typically rated to withstand 100 mph wind speeds or greater. This siding’s design is very versatile, comes in any color imaginable, and can be styled to replicate wood, stone, and more!

Aluminum: Aluminum siding is a low maintenance option for areas that receive harsh winters and summers. Generally more cost effective than other siding options, aluminum is both dent and fire resistant.

Now is the perfect time of year to install siding on your home! Give your home a beautiful new look this summer with the help of Tim Lemke Construction. Our siding contractors will help you find the right siding materials for your home and can install it efficiently and professionally. Contact our exterior remodeling and siding company today to get started!